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Membership options start at just $10 a year (seniors) or $12 a year (regular/individual). You can use either of the following methods, OR join at any Mad Folk event.

Q. Why should I join - what are the benefits?
A. You will get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to promote folk music and dance in the Madison area! But that's not all! You ALSO get these perks:

Q. What time of year should I join - what is your "membership year?"
A. ANYTIME is a good time to join! Memberships are on an individual subscription-year basis, so regardless of when you, you'll get a full year of Mad Folk News. When you renew before your expiration date or within a brief grace period, your membership will be extended one year from the original expiration date.

Q. How do I join and how can I pay?
A. You can mail a check or renew online with a credit card. See the blue buttons above for more.

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A. Your Mad Folk News shows your expiration date on the mailing label. There is a brief grace period, but be sure to renew promptly to avoid missing any newsletters or events. If it's time for you to renew and you don't want to cut up your newsletter, no worries...see the blue buttons at the top of this page for other options.

Q. How much does membership cost and where does my money go?
A. Dues cover the cost of producing and mailing our monthly newsletter and help defray concert expeneses. Mad Folk is a nonprofit organization, and your membership dues tax-deductible. You can choose your membership amount from these membership levels:

Q. What happens after I submit my membership online?
A. Your newsletter subscription will begin by mail with the next full month after we process your payment. If you are already a member your subscription will be renewed for a full year. We'll send a reminder when your membership is due for renewal.